women's healthy brain project

Women's Healthy Brain Project

The Women's Healthy Brain Project is the world's first comprehensive, multimodal, integrative assessment of brain status as it relates to cognition, language, and genetics across the lifespan.

Background: The structure, function, and chemistry of the brain can be assessed noninvasively by existing technologies. For example structural MRI (sMRI) for high resolution structural analysis, functional MRI (fMRI) for functional connectivity, magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) for brain chemistry, diffusion MRI (dMRI) for anatomical connectivity and white matter integrity, and magnetoencephalography (MEG) for fine grain measure of neural communication. In addition, several types of examination can be used to assess whole brain output such as neurological exams, neuropsychological exams, cognitive assessments, and structured interviews and questionnaires to determine mental health status.

Project tasks:

  1. Create an integrative, cross-sectional and longitudinal database of brain status derived from measurements of brain structure, function, and chemistry.
  2. Acquire brain data from healthy volunteers.
  3. Organize key measurements into a comprehensive database.
  4. Correlate brain status with genetic makeup, cognitive function, and language abilities.
  5. Validate results using the longitudinal data.
  6. Forecast future brain status and disease based on current and longitudinal measurements.
  7. Guide health care providers toward new interventions and evaluate interventions as they develop.

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