MIA Curator Patrick Noon and Anita Kunin

Anita Kunin toured the Minneapolis Institute of Arts exhibit of her late husband's American modernist paintings art collection with MIA curator Patrick Noon. (photo credit: Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune)

Healthy Brain Project benefactor shares art collection

An unnanounced exhibit entitled "American Modernism: Selections from the Myron Kunin Collection of American Art" makes its debut at the Minnapolis Instute of Arts Thursday, January 8. The 80-piece sample of more than 550 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and photos are on loan from the estate of Minneapolis businessman Myron Kunin, late husband of Anita Kunin who joined Sally Kling and Barbara Forster in spearheading the Minnesota Women's Healthy Brain Aging Project in 2010. More at the Star Tribune...


The Minnesota Wom3n+ Healthy Brain Project

Our project is designed to be the world's first comprehensive assessment of brain status.

Team leaders Dr. Apostolos Georgopoulos and Margaret Mahan

  • INPUT: Comprehensive database integrating key measurements across the lifespan
  • Lifestyle, cognitive, behavioral, neural, genetics, etc.
  • Process: Distill, extract, & combine
  • OUTPUT: Characteristics of healthy brain status
                    Changes over time

Our research team members analyze, combine, and assess key measurements across the lifespan to determine how the healthy brain changes over time.

brain health index

Project tasks:

  • Create an integrative, cross-sectional and longitudinal database of brain status derived from measurements of brain structure, function, and chemistry.
  • Acquire brain data from healthy volunteers
  • Organize key measurements into a comprehensive database
  • Correlate brain status with genetic makeup, cognitive function, and language abilities.
  • Validate results using the longitudinal data.
  • Forecast future brain status and disease based on current and longitudinal measurements.
  • Guide health care providers toward new interventions and evaluate interventions as they develop.

Registered with NIF Healthy Brain Project, Brain Sciences Center (11b), VAMC One Veterans Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55417 phone: 612.467.1458

Updated May 21, 2015